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Holiday activities in Switzerland: inspiring STEM-minded girls

Summer vacation is a great time to inspire kids and encourage their interests. If you also have a STEM-minded young girl in your life who is looking for exciting activities during the vacations, you've come to the right place. Here you'll get some ideas to keep girls engaged with STEM topics during the vacations.

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  1. Explorit (Yverdon-les-Bains): Explorit is a science center focused on getting kids excited about science and technology. It offers a variety of activities and workshops where girls can conduct their own experiments. From robotics to renewable energy, there are plenty of opportunities here to spark children's curiosity.

  2. Sauriermuseum Aathal: For girls interested in paleontology, the dinosaur museum Aathal is a must. The museum houses an impressive collection of dinosaur bones and fossils. Here they can learn more about the fascinating world of prehistoric giants and take part in interactive activities, such as digging up fossils.

  3. Technorama (Winterthur): Technorama is a paradise for curious minds. It is an interactive science center where children can discover the basics of science through play. Technorama offers various experiments and exhibitions where girls can explore the world of physics, chemistry and biology. From magnetic phenomena to optical illusions, there is much to discover here.

  4. Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Luzern): The Museum of Transport is a unique museum that deals with various aspects of transport and mobility. Girls can immerse themselves in the world of technology, aviation, space travel and shipping. The museum also offers workshops and activities where they can build their own model car or pilot an airplane.

  5. Espace des Inventions (Lausanne): The Espace des Inventions is a place of creativity and invention. It is an interactive museum that encourages children to implement their own ideas and discover new technologies. Here, girls can immerse themselves in the world of robotics, programming and virtual reality.

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Other activities: In addition to the museums mentioned above, there are many other ways to keep STEM-loving girls busy during the vacations. Here are some more suggestions:

  • Escape Room for Kids (various local providers): Escape rooms are a fun way to encourage logical thinking and teamwork. There are a few local providers that offer special puzzles and challenges for younger children.

  • Rätsel-Krimis: Thriller stories to puzzle along. In each chapter of these exciting detective stories, which are structured like an Escape Game, you solve a detective puzzle, which brings you closer to the solution of the case. In addition, you will learn interesting and interesting facts about the topics of the mystery stories and detective cases.

  • Future Kids (schweizweit und online): Future Kids offers summer camps and activities that introduce girls to programming, robotics and creative thinking. They can learn and implement their own projects in an interactive environment.

  • TekMania (Zurich): TekMania offers various courses and workshops in the field of technology and programming. Girls can improve their skills in coding, game design or app development here.

  • Spark Science Summer Camps (Zurich): Spark Science offers summer camps where girls can conduct exciting experiments and projects in the field of science. From chemistry to physics, there is a lot to discover here.

  • Kaleio: This magazine for girls aged 8-12 (and the rest of the world) is free of gender stereotypes and role expectations. It aims to encourage girls to actively go through life, try things out, confidently express their needs, and develop their knowledge and curiosity.

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Besides, there are many experiments that you can do yourself at home or in the garden. Here are a few ideas:

  • Robo Wunderkind: Our STEM educators have created stress-free STEM activities that are designed to give parents and their 4-10 year old children ideas and are very easy to replicate.

  • Komm, mach MINT: Komm, mach MINT's collection of experiments provides an overview of experiments for anyone interested in STEM. Students will find experiments that they can perform at home with everyday materials or a few additional purchases.

  • Silicon Valley Kids: Exciting experiments with kids for home, kindergarten or elementary school: We show you simple yet exciting experiments with household items that can be found in every kitchen.

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The holiday season is an ideal opportunity to deepen girls' interest in STEM topics. Switzerland offers a wide range of activities and facilities that give STEM-loving girls the opportunity to discover their curiosity and expand their knowledge in the natural sciences.

Whether together with the whole family, alone or with other children. There's something for everyone.

Use this time to inspire girls and encourage their passion for STEM subjects. Who knows, maybe they'll discover their future vocation in the process!

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