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Long desired and repeatedly requested: finally your wish has been heard and there are robot leggings. On it you will not only find robots in all variations, but also two robot dogs. Maybe a robot dog would be the solution to repairing things at home and keeping things tidy. This would provide the girls with inspiration to invent such a dog.

Robot Leggings (thicker fabric)

  • We recommend buying the leggings larger as they are narrowly cut.

  • The leggings are very comfortable and flexible. Due to the strong fabric, they are perfect for girls who love to run and play.

  • The cool and colorful leggings can be combined very well with a plain T-shirt or sweater.

  • The fabric is a sweat fabric that is not only elastic and soft, but also keeps you warm on cooler days. Of course the material is high quality and durable.

  • The garment is made in a sustainable way in Portugal.

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