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Whether around your neck or as a headband - with this stylish tube scarf you won't get too cold so quickly, even in winter. And finally we can show our girls that robots aren't just for boys, they can also be found on girls' clothes. This makes it a girl's topic - no more doubts! The pleasant sweat fabric is very gentle on the skin.

Robot tube scarf

  • This scarf fits over pretty much any head - tested on people aged 1 to 40 (admittedly, in this case without an updo)

  • Finally something to wear over it. The colorful tube scarves are perfect for the cool days.

  • The fabric is a sweat fabric that is not only elastic and soft, but also keeps you warm on cooler days. Of course the material is high quality and durable.

  • The garment is made in a sustainable way in Portugal.

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