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Ready to take off for the moon! Or maybe for a round at the playground first. Those UFOs, aliens and astronauts (and even female astronauts) are in any case ready for takeoff and for an adventure in space. So that our girls can show that they also dream of once discovering distant stars, there is this t-shirt. And sometimes dreams do come true.

Female astronauts t-shirt

  • A great addition to any everyday wardrobe, this t-shirt is great for a day at the playground, at school or in the mountains.
  • The girls love the soft and flexible fabric. And the fabric doesn't change with washing either - we've tested that enough (trust me!).
  • For the smaller sizes (up to approx. 116), we recommend buying the t-shirt one size larger.
  • Straight cut. Cut rather narrow
  • The garment is made in Portugal in a sustainable way.

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