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Sometimes the questions our children ask can be quite a lot. The hundredth why, to which at some point you also no longer have an answer. We love them anyway (or because of that) - the girls and the questions. Especially as a scientist, this quality can be very helpful at one point. Because only those who question things can discover new things.

Female scientists t-shirt

  • A great addition to any everyday wardrobe, this t-shirt is great for a day at the playground, at school or in the mountains.
  • The girls love the soft and flexible fabric. And the fabric doesn't change with washing either - we've tested that enough (trust me!).
  • For the smaller sizes (up to approx. 116), we recommend buying the t-shirt one size larger.
  • Straight cut. Cut rather tight
  • The garment is made in Portugal in a sustainable way.

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